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FI Logistix's Rochester depot provides armored courier services for Western New York
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Fi Logistix is proud to provide armored transit services to Long Island and the Five Boroughs of NYC
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Branch Cash Solutions

Our complete cash vaulting services will enable your financial institution to process cash more efficiently and cost effectively.
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ATM Cash Fills

Whether your fleet is in-branch or off- premise, our technicians are cross-trained on all major ATM manufacturers to ensure your ATMs are replenished on time and settled accurately.
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Armored Transport

Whether you are transporting cash or other valuables, the team at FI Logistix will make sure the asset arrives safely and on schedule.

Branch Cash Service

With the help of our branch cash services, financial institutions can process cash securely and efficiently.

ATM Cash Fills

Whether your fleet is in-branch or off- premise, our cash transit professionals are trained across ATM manufacturers to ensure your ATM fills are on schedule and error free.

Why FI Logistix?

Our focus on security and personal touch

Ticketing systems and long response wait times are not part of our standard procedures. FI Logistix provides each client with an Account Manager to quickly address their changing branch cash needs.

FI Logistix leverages real time tracking and reporting solutions to ensure all your assets are secure and on schedule.

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Our Core Service Area

Our core service area covers Long Island, the five boroughs and western New York. FI Logistix can provide superior service and security to clients looking for armored transport and cash solutions from Buffalo to Ithaca and Manhattan to Montauk.

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